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NonNewtonian Scientists

I've been working on developing an annotated syllabus for diversity/inclusion/decolonisation in Physics and Astronomy. You can see the results here, and this page makes it easy for you to contribute: research a scientist, fill out the fields below, click the link, and you'll get the text I need to add someone to the syllabus. You can either email it to me ( or send me a PR. I'll gladly reformat them to fix any small mistakes, so don't let that stop you!

The scientist's name:

Where this goes in a specific textbook. First, the textbook:
Now, where does this scientist go in this textbook, e.g. "Chapter 32, section 2" Fill in as much as you know, but feel free to leave parts out if you don't know them.
Do you know information about a second textbook? Let me know via email ( or by editing the generated text before you send it to me!
Contributors: (you can put your name here if you'd like it to be public, or leave it out if not!)

Description of the scientist:

Sources: (please cite things via the APA style if possible, but I'll convert your citations if you'd rather just give me something). Include as many sources as you'd like here.

Photo: please give me the URL of a photo of the scientist. I can make smaller versions, so don't worry about size. Feel free to include multiple URLs!

Click "Try it" to generate the combined text, then email me the results ( or send me a PR (again, the repository is here)!